Do I own my home and will it be liveable for years to come

It is important to understand that when you buy into a Lendlease retirement village, there are different titles you can purchase under.

The most common tenure is leasehold, which gives you the ‘right to reside’ in the home on a lease. There are also some Lendlease villages where a resident might own a purple or strata title over the home.

The options available range from village to village, so the easiest way to gain clarity is to ask the Sales Manager at the village you’re thinking of moving to. However, it is important to note that leasehold contracts are for a 99-year term and can give you just as much control and ownership as purple or strata titles.

Another important factor to consider when buying or leasing a home is access and mobility around the home, which may not necessarily be a concern at present, but could prove to be in years to come. The majority of people seeking a new home anticipate spending a number of years at the property and thus, will need to consider whether it’s liveable for years to come.

The Lendlease Wellness Calendar’s theme for April 2019 is ‘Mobility’ meaning there is no better time than the present to give yourself some peace of mind.

Some important points to consider before purchasing your new home may be:

• The obvious, yet important issue; stairs
• Adequate lighting (both natural and fixtures)
• The height of shelving and storage cupboards
• Adequate storage as clutter in high-traffic areas can lead to obstructions in mobility
• Floor surfaces. Did you know non-slip adhesives, coatings and treatments can be applied to reduce the risk of injury?

Prior to signing on the dotted line, drop in and speak with the village manager to discuss access to the home and the various mobility options available to you.