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It's a wonderful lifestyle here at Fiddlers Green


Serviced Apartments Fiddlers Green


It’s a wonderful lifestyle here at Fiddler’s Green, Victoria. Every day there’s something to do. But one of the highlights here would have to be each fortnight when the Golden Time Playgroup comes to visit.

We meet the children and their teachers in the auditorium. They have their little table set up so they can play with plasticine and dolls, and the residents get involved and play with plasticine and dolls too! The little kiddies are absolutely beautiful. Some of them are just walking – one little boy who came to visit the other day took his first steps. They do all these little activities, build things, do puzzles, sing songs and it teaches them to mix with people of all ages from the time they go to kindergarten.

It’s fair to say that the residents enjoy it as much as the kids do. We get a lot of fun out of being around the children, and as it’s the same group each time, we get to know them well. They bring us a lot of joy.

I’ve been at Fiddlers Green for many years now. I moved here for medical reasons, and am in a Serviced Apartment, which means I live independently but have everything I need. I’ve made many friends since I moved in, and have everyone I want around me in one big circle.

The moment I came to Fiddlers Green I knew I would enjoy living here. It’s so clean and the grounds are lovely. Everything I could possibly need is provided. I go to the restaurant for my meals so I don’t have to cook – I don’t even have to go out shopping for food, as it’s all supplied.

Someone comes and services the room once a week which is really helpful. They change the bed and do the sheets for you, remake the beds and do the vacuuming. You still do your own personal shopping and laundry. We’ve got a big laundry here with washing machines and dryers which makes that easy.

Life at Fiddlers Green is relaxing. There are always interesting activities on, whether it’s taking a bus trip to the shopping centre, enjoying entertainment in the village, attending the monthly movie night, or going to one of the many lunches that are organised. I enjoy all of those things, of course, and knowing the children are coming back once a fortnight is something else to look forward to. It’s a really special thing to be a part of.

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