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A necessary life changing move


Serviced Apartments A lifechanging move


One year ago, Beryl had a bad fall which impacted her shoulder and arm, leaving Brian as her primary carer and responsible for taking on all of the housework. The couple eventually decided to move out of their Meadowvale unit and into one of the village’s Serviced Apartments. They’ve never looked back.

“We love being looked after... the staff really do everything they can to make sure we’re as happy as possible. I often say to Brian that I think they spoil us,” Beryl said.

The couple say that the decision to move into the Serviced Apartment has genuinely transformed their lives. The added assistance with laundry, cleaning and having all meals prepared has meant that Brian is no longer doing all the housework, while also caring for Beryl.

“I honestly believe the stress of managing our home, and caring for me, would have eventually killed Brian. It’s one of the best decisions we could have made,” she said.

It’s left the couple more time for them to engage with the community, pursue their interests and enjoy each other’s company. Brian is active on the residents’ committee and Beryl loves her social groups at bingo and ‘Knit and Natter’.

“If anything, we are more social now than we were before... eating our lunch and dinner in the community centre means there’s always someone about; people to chat with. But we haven’t lost touch with our friends still living in the units - we’re often catching up with them for meals and outings,” Brian said.

Another key aspect of their move has been the response from their children, the couple say.

“Previously, I know our children worried a lot – they knew the stress that Brian was under, looking after me and running the house. Now, they say they love the peace of mind that comes from knowing we’ve got 24-hour assistance should anything happen, and all the daily chores are taken care of – it’s nice to know they’re not worrying about us,” said Beryl.


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