Meet our residents

The Village Resident Frank


A lifestyle above par


“Some people travel for work and pleasure, I always say that I travel for golf and pleasure,” Frank laughs.

Frank and his friends are avid golfers, flying to all corners of the globe to compete in international golfing competitions. “It sounds glamorous but nothing beats home turf,” says Frank, speaking of his favourite golf course up in Heathcote. 

Frank moved into a The Village Williamstown after getting fed-up with the lack of security in his larger home. 

“Last week, I went up to Heathcote for a three day competition. Having been burgled three times in the past, it’s a lovely feeling to leave my home and know that it will be safe,” says Frank. 

Down-sizing into a two-story apartment brought some unexpected bonuses too.  

“Initially, I looked at purchasing a villa, but I knew the large gardens wouldn’t suit my globetrotting lifestyle,” says Frank.

“Sometimes I travel for months at time; the last thing I want is to rely on my children to maintain the garden while I am away, or to come home to a dehydrated, overgrown lawn.”

When he’s not travelling, Frank can be found working at The Village Bar shaking up a cocktail, or at the Men’s Shed where he recently re-discovered his love for woodworking. 

“I’ve been here for two years now and it’s given me time to get to know the other people living here. I’ve made some great friends,” says Frank. 

“Moving here was the best thing I’ve ever done.”