Brief explanations of costs:

  • Service fees cover village operating costs, such as staff and maintenance of common property. Lendlease does not profit from these fees. Fees change annually and are different per village.
  • Council and waste rates based on average property price in relevant suburb and available information on council rates. Where appropriate, also includes state based levies, e.g. fire levy in Victoria.
  • Building insurance premium estimates use the average property prices in the village’s suburb and comparative insurance pricing. In our villages, this is covered by your service fees.
  • Contents insurance: Estimator assumes cover for $50k of contents, except Ardency villages, where we have assumed $150k of contents & $30k for jewellery.
  • Strata Fees can vary greatly between strata schemes. Estimator assumes 0.9% multiplied by the average median apartment price in the local council area. 
  • Repair & Maintenance costs are indicative only. ABS data for costs in households with residents aged 65+ has been used and include things such as tradesmen, hardware supplies, and gardening. Items included in available data may differ from what comprises repair & maintenance in some homes.
  • Electricity & Gas Charges are based on ABS data for an average detached house/apartment by State, and quotes from energy providers by State. The estimator reduces this cost in our villages as it is assumed new customers will be downsizing.
  • Water Rates & Charges are based on information from village’s water provider. Average household usage is based on Sydney Water’s published household average of 280kL per annum per house, with reduction to 138kL for apartments to exclude outdoor usage.
  • Telephone & Internet/NBN based on Telstra NBN basic plan (100GB plus unlimited local and national calls). All Lendlease villages have NBN.
  • Emergency alert & Health monitoring system:  Flat fee (excluding Ardency villages) based on monitoring by NRMA in NSW. 
  • Gym & Health Club Membership based on Canstar Blue national concessional average of $62 per month.
  • Swimming Pool Access based on 1 person swimming twice a week at concessional rate at Sydney Aquatic Centre.
  • Leisure & Entertainment based on ABS data for national average household (65+) spend on leisure and entertainment. The estimator adjusts this figure to reflect the local suburb median income. Vacation costs have been excluded. At Ardency villages, there is an increased allocation.