Theme 2 - A Caring Inclusive and Safe Place

Theme 2 - A caring, inclusive and safe place 


  • The Central Precinct will be available for all the community to enjoy with proposed place activation initiatives be confirmed in consultation with the community
  • The homestead building could support small to medium gatherings such as meetings, small conferences, classes for arts and craft, education and training
  • Our design proposal promotes the security of all current and future residents, as well as the general public, including accessible pathways, discrete security arrangements for the residential areas, good lighting, sightlines and a design that supports passive surveillance.
  • Our extensive experience with building retirement villages shows that traffic is typically low speed and infrequent, with no through traffic


A place for the community to enjoy


  • Gold Creek will be an intergenerational precinct that welcomes all the community; that reduces barriers between generations and enhances community connections
  • Our vision is to establish a ‘village square’ style community space, a central heart, where people from different generations will co-mingle, play, learn and grow with each other



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