Gold Creek Homestead Precinct

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 Community Engagement Session 3


Phase 3 engagement is underway. Community members are invited to provide feedback at any time via the Lendlease website or contact the project team:

www.visitgoldcreek.com.au[email protected] – 1800 550 550

Phase 1 and 2 engagement activities included stakeholder research and development of engagement tools including key messages, web site, frequently asked questions, imagery of precinct plans and letterbox drops. Given the impact of Covid 19, personal interaction has largely been virtual, via meetings, telephone calls, emails and letters.


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Phase 3 Engagement is planned to commence in early 2022. Our final virtual engagement session is planned for 6pm to 7pm on 13 January 2022. An update will be provided on this website and an invitation will be emailed to interested stakeholders at least one week prior to the session.