Gold Creek Homestead Precinct

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To contact the project team:

www.visitgoldcreek.com.au[email protected] – 1800 550 550

As part of our agreement with ACT Government, Lendlease is fulfilling community engagement as the project evolves. 

Three phases of engagement have been completed by Lendlease:

Phase 1 Tender Concepts:
The Preliminary Plan was presented to the community in September 2021 during Phase 1 Tender Concepts engagement.

Phase 2 Concept Plan:
Feedback received in Phase 1 informed refinements to the Concept Plan presented to the community in late October 2021.

Phase 3 Pre Development Application:
Feedback received in Phase 2 informed refinements to the Pre-DA Plan presented to the community in January 2022.

Community feedback from Phase 3 is reflected in the plan included in the Development Application Lendlease is submitting to the EPSDD. 

Engagement activities have included the project website www.visitgoldcreek.com, virtual live community engagement sessions, stakeholder meetings (virtual and face-to-face), virtual ideas wall and stakeholder surveys.

Topics of interest to the community have included the following key areas; Residential Aged Care, environment, central homestead precinct facilities, café, parking, flood management, fencing and traffic safety. Design amendments to address these points have included:
  • Accessibility across the Precinct 
  • Sustainability initiatives including increasing the size of the new water feature and providing a soft edge with plantings to encourage insects and birdlife; provision of light coloured roofs; expanding the use of electric and solar energy including investigation of electric vehicle charging points.
  • Modification to fencing and the transport link between The Grove Retirement Village and the retirement village extension.
  • Increasing the number of aged care beds. Reconfiguring the aged care facility car park and provision of a café available for aged care residents and community members.
  • Bicycle parking has been introduced in the plan close to the homestead building.
  • Inclusion of a bush tucker garden to reflect First Nations representative preferences and a yarning circle in the Central Homestead Precinct.
  • Landscaping to retain historical elements including tree retention where possible and native species.
  • Design of the homestead stone cottage refined to reflect community preference for meeting and exhibition space. Central Homestead Precinct to include seating and significant open space suitable for health and wellbeing activities.
  • Modification of the Monty Place and Gungahlin Drive intersection to improve safety.
  • A comprehensive Construction Management Plan will ensure issues such as water runoff are professionally managed.