Gold Creek Homestead Precinct

Gold Creek Homestead Precinct
Frequently Asked Questions

Updated January 2022

What is the status of the Gold Creek Homestead Precinct? 

Lendlease has completed the first and second phases of engagement on the Gold Creek Heritage Precinct. 

Our design has progressed to address feedback and comments received which is reflected in the Pre-Development Application Plan published on the project website.

Key feedback items received from the community include:

  • residential aged care facility offering and bed numbers
  • facilities provided including a café
  • travel and parking
  • safety/security
  • environment, in particular the dam
  • construction impacts
  • rural and First Nations heritage

What was the key feedback received and actions taken? 

We have received many comments around a wide range of topics. The main themes that have emerged are: 

1. Refining the homestead precinct garden plans to reflect appropriate rural and First Nations heritage and community preferences with the inclusion of a yarning circle, natural layout and plant selection for the bush tucker garden and landscaping elements retaining important rural heritage elements.

2. Investigation of further sustainability initiatives such as electronic vehicle charging points. 

3. Car and bike parking to the aged care layout has been refined to reflect community preferences and better design outcomes following a stakeholder survey on this subject.

4. The First Nations and rural history of the site will be showcased in a variety of ways. Including the restored heritage buildings and landscape elements,, retention of trees  and choice of new plants. If the condition of the old windmill allows, this will be restored and showcased in the precinct gardens. An Interpretation Plan will be completed to guide how we will implement  the sites story in a creative and engaging way.  5. Enquiries around parking to facilitate visitors. In response, additional parking is proposed within the extension of the village near the central homestead precinct and new bike parking opposite the ‘central precinct’ has been provided to facilitate sustainable travel to and from the site

6. Interest in a new water feature and the dam. This has resulted in a new pond being proposed, to be prominently located near the main entry to the site, and an assessment of the existing dam by a qualified ecologist.

Due to the many competing demands on the site, the dam will be required to be infilled to accommodate the residential aged care facility as was reflected in our tender/preliminary design.

The biodiversity assessment found decommissioning of the dam is unlikely to result in a significant impact to any biodiversity matter and found no threatened ecological communities or species of plants or fauna. We are committed to delivering a multifaceted sustainability program to ensure any ecological impacts are appropriately managed.

The new pond will be designed to provide an alternative habitat for some of the species residing on and visiting the site. Residents of The Grove and all members of the community will be able to enjoy the water feature. The water feature will also form part of stormwater management and detention for the site.

7. The First Nations and rural history of the site will be showcased in a variety of ways beyond those mentioned above including the restored heritage buildings and landscape elements, retention of trees where possible and choice of new plants. If the condition of the old windmill allows, this will be restored and showcased in the precinct gardens. An Interpretation Plan will be completed to guide how we will implement the sites story in a creative and engaging way.


What is the vision for the Gold Creek Homestead Precinct? 

Gold Creek Homestead Precinct will be a vibrant, intergenerational place for residents and the community to enjoy.  

We want to create an intergenerational precinct that is sustainable, inclusive and builds on our existing connections with the local community.  

We have embraced the rural and cultural heritage of the site. Significant landscape values and history has been retained and celebrated in our proposed precinct plan and concepts, which will be open to community engagement and feedback during the design phases.

What will the precinct include? 

At the heart of the 4.8 hectare site at 1 Monty Place, Ngunnawal, the central precinct will feature sensitive restoration and activation of the Gold Creek Homestead buildings and gardens. The original Gold Creek homestead, kitchen wing, and slab hut will be restored including rejuvenation of the surrounding garden and windmill. 

There are plans for a 45 villa extension to the Lendlease The Grove Ngunnawal Retirement Village and an Arcare residential aged care home. 

A new entry drive from Monty Place will echo the alignment of the original driveway and improved traffic and pedestrian safety at Gunghalin Drive-Monty Place intersection will be undertaken.    

Cross-block pedestrian and cycling travel connections will be provided through the site. 

What community facilities and activities will be provided? 

Community facilities and activities are a focus for current engagement activities. We will continue to engage with stakeholders and the community to identify and deliver facilities and activities to best meet community preferences.  

These might include art and craft facilities, yoga and wellbeing activities, lecture series and social events. 

Who is Lendlease, what is their role? 

Lendlease was announced as the preferred tenderer in March 2021 for the Gold Creek Homestead Precinct and has now exchanged contracts for the site with the Suburban Land Agency. Lendlease’s successful tender concept included a preliminary plan which has endeavoured to capture the place and community values of this historic site. 

The preliminary plan will be refined in consultation with stakeholders and the community.   

Lendlease will own and operate the new retirement villas as part of the existing The Grove Ngunnawal retirement village; and will retain and manage the central precinct. 

Residents at The Grove Ngunnawal enjoy resort-style living with a clubhouse with indoor heated pool, gym, dining area, theatre, arts and crafts room, library and computer facilities. The clubhouse, bowling green and men’s shed are located within beautifully landscaped gardens.  

Lendlease is Australia’s largest owner, operator and developer of retirement villages, with more than 30 years’ experience in retirement living. We operate 75 villages throughout Australia. 


Who is Arcare? 

Arcare has been chosen by Lendlease as their partner to develop the residential aged care home. Arcare will become the future owner and operator. 

The proposed offerings will cover the full continuum of senior housing services, including independent living, and a new circa 100 bed residential aged care home providing skilled nursing and dementia care. Facilities will include a café.  

Arcare, is an innovative and creative industry leader, with over 40 years’ experience and 43 5 star residences in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. 

Arcare is committed to nurturing the well-being of residents, team members and family by fostering trust through consistency and commitment. 


What sustainability initiatives will there be? 

Lendlease goes beyond compliance to be a leader in environmental performance.  

Our Sustainability Plan includes initiatives such as:

  • 5-star Greenstar ‘communities’ rating
  • Homes designed to meet the Gold standard of the Living Housing Australia design guidelines providing age appropriate design elements and fit out
  • 100% electric energy for the retirement living and homestead operations
  • High levels of efficiency and thermal comfort of buildings including double glazing
  • Target of 20% reduction in embodied carbon through using reused and recycled materials
  • Segregation of organic waste streams from general waste and onsite treatment option
  • Low carbon transport options including cross-block active travel footpath link to facilitate
  • We will promote positive social sustainability outcomes through a range of initiatives, celebrating a proud local history from first nations to present day through our workforce and placemaking.

The Gold Creek Homestead Precinct registration process has commenced with the Green Building Council of Australia to progress the 5-star Greenstar Community Accreditation process.


How will safety be managed? 

Safety is our number one priority.  

Our design proposal promotes the security of all current and future residents, as well as the general public. These elements include accessible pathways, discrete security arrangements for the residential areas, good lighting, sightlines and a design that supports passive surveillance.  

We are carefully managing Covid-19 risks.


What will the landscaping be like? 

The landscaping strategy for the site addresses the ACT Living Infrastructure Plan to increase the urban tree canopy and create a climate resilient city.  

A 30% tree canopy and 30% permeable surface target will be incorporated into the design. 

New plantings will be designed to reflect the Homestead’s heritage and will flow into the existing village landscape of The Grove. 

Trees will be planted to provide shade and creating a more comfortable microclimate on the site. Existing trees and natural features of the site will be preserved where possible to maintain the environmental and cultural values of the site. 

A cross block active travel link will be provided that will be accessible by the public to connect the surrounding travel network. 


What is the community engagement process? 

Suburban Land Agency formed a community and stakeholder engagement panel to inform a Precinct Development Brief. The Precinct Development Brief includes five themes to guide development of the site: a new place with a long past; a caring inclusive place; a rural oasis; sustainability; and ongoing considerations.  

Lendlease has developed a design masterplan for the site to reflect these themes.  

Community engagement is being conducted in three phases: 

First Phase (completed) 

The first  phase of community engagement will provide scope for community feedback on the plan and any potential facilities, activities and partnerships that could deliver a vibrant intergenerational precinct. 

This feedback guided the development of a concept plan with proposed facilities, activities and partnerships for the precinct. 

Second Phase (completed) 

The second phase of community engagement presented the concept plan and provides the opportunity for feedback to further refine the plan and inform activation of the site. 

Third Phase  (current)

The final third phase of community engagement is being undertaken prior to Development Approval lodgement.  

Lendlease is engaging with the local community regularly, continuing to build on the understanding of the cultural significance of the site.  

We are collaborating with stakeholders and community members to refine precinct plans and develop initiatives to activate and involve residents and community members. Engagement actions will include meetings, webinars, information sharing and communication tools including the precinct website, plans and feedback forms.


How will the First Nations people be included? 

Careful engagement and planning will ensure cultural heritage is preserved. 

We are engaging with First Nations people associated with the site and we will be guided by their preference in developing initiatives to bring the cultural heritage of the site to life. 


Will locals be able to work on the project delivery? Will there be ongoing jobs for locals? 

Gold Creek will generate local employment opportunities in aged care, healthcare, retail and hospitality sectors. 

We will seek to appoint local suppliers and community partners and provide jobs and training opportunities for First Nations people.


What is the project timeframe? 

Lendlease plans to lodge a development application in 2022 that will detail plans for the precinct, with the current program delivering the project  to the community in 2024.


How can I make sure my views are considered? Who can I contact for more information?

Please join the conversation on how to realise the vision for Gold Creek. Contact us at: