Environmental Principles

At Lendlease, we pride ourselves on creating places that leave a positive legacy thanks to our safety, innovation and sustainability principles. We know that the decisions we make today, affect the lives of people tomorrow, and environmental responsibility is key.

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Sunrise Beach Village is set to become a shining example of our commitment to environment, with a range of initiatives throughout the village that will make our community more water and energy efficient, alongside environmentally-conscious landscaping and sustainable building practices including:

Glossy black cockatoos

Glossy black cockatoos live throughout the area, and Lendlease is working with environmental groups to positively impact their habitat across Sunrise Beach. She oaks (Allocasuarina Littoralis) are the preferred feed trees of glossy black cockatoos and Blue Care has revised the project design to retain more of the she oaks on and immediately adjacent to the site.

Trees that are reduced on the project site will be offset by an extensive program of native plantings on a three-hectare site located at nearby Girraween Nature Refuge. Along with weeding, soil placement, vegetation planting and management, this also includes planting at least one thousand She Oaks (Allocasuarina Littoralis), the preferred feed tree of the glossy black cockatoo.

We have been working with neighbouring residents, schools, local community groups and members to plant 2000 additional she oak seedlings, with another 2000 planned for future planting. We are also at the start of a program to propagate and distribute several thousand seedlings representing a range of local plant species to the community. We aim to encourage ongoing plantings and community education opportunities, for the good of our planet.


We consulted with a qualified Ecologist who conducted a detailed assessment of the project site. He concluded that the trees on the land are not considered those that would typically become koala habitats.

A peer review was conducted on this assessment by an extensively experienced ecological researcher specialising in the koala. He confirmed the description of the site and conclusions were accurate.  


The Queensland Department of Environment and Science has granted Lendlease a permit to salvage up to 400 grasstrees (Xanthorrhoea Johnsonii) from the retirement village site. These grasstrees will be returned to the site for use in final landscaping.