Designed for Sustainability



Sherwin Rise has an embedded energy network, with solar set to help power the retirement living community’s future 147 homes and communal facilities.  RACV Solar was engaged to install 377kW of solar generation within the electricity micro-grid.


Sherwin Rise’s solar scheme allows for sharing of solar power across any dwelling or communal facility in the village. So, if you’re a resident away on holiday, the solar power generated on your rooftop continues to benefit your neighbors and the rest of the village. Additionally, the all-electric homes will help to reduce energy bills for residents by an estimated $2,000 - $4,000 a year and save an estimated 494 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. That’s equivalent to the emissions of about 275 flights from Sydney to London Heathrow!


Lendlease has one of the world’s largest collection sustainable retirement homes. The renewable energy installations for Sherwin Rise is important in driving down energy costs while significantly reducing impact on the environment as we work towards Lendlease’s industry leading carbon reduction targets.



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