Remember When

Remember When is inspired by residents from Lendlease Retirement Villages Across the Country

The e-book of Silver Linings is made up of stories, poems, photographs and art that will make you feel inspired and uplifted as we navigate these uncertain times.

Be inspired – play now to hear the voices of some of our residents as they share their stories.

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Mocco from QLD

A day in my life I will never forget, it was 1965, I’d taken my little daughter Susan to Germany because she was born in Darwin, to meet the family. At the same time the Queen was going to Germany; for the first time after WW2. All the people were so excited and we especially so.
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Paul from New South Wales

"This is an early picture of me –perhaps I was 2 or 3 at this stage (born 1940) that I started going around with the local morning paper delivery boy who must have been all of 8. It was early and he would come along and call me through my open bedroom window (as above) then I would crawl out and follow him around. It was near the end of his run and he always made the Baker’s shop his last call as they gave us a cake or éclair, depending on what they were cooking. This went on for a couple of weeks, until Mum found out. She thought that sunrise was not an appropriate time for me to be wandering the streets without her knowledge."

John from Victoria

"As a young boy I remember being sent to my Aunt and Uncles farm every school holidays. They had lots of chickens, Valencia and Navel orange orchards and fields for tomatoes, corn, peas and other crops. In those bygone days, old Ned, the draught horse, was harnessed up to the wooden dray for harvesting and we would spend hours in the orchard picking oranges. Afterwards, I used to sit at the end of the sorting table where all the oversized oranges ended up, eating them to my hearts content. That is a memory and taste that will never fade."