Health and wellbeing made easy at Port Phillip Village with free weekly Nurse Clinic

As you get older, easy access to quality, affordable healthcare becomes increasingly important – both for peace of mind, and ensuring you’re able to live life to the fullest.

That’s why Port Phillip Village is trialling* a Nurse Clinic, hosted for three hours each week by a registered nurse, offering everything from health checks and disease prevention strategies to promoting mental wellbeing to residents who reside in Serviced Apartments.

Here, one of the registered nurses offers their top tips for living an optimal life and what our Nurse Clinic involves:

Get regular health checks: They’re essential as you get older as both a preventative and management strategy. It’s a good idea to have a full blood examination (including your electrolytes and renal function), as well as vision, hearing, blood pressure maintenance and glucose levels.

Move more: Every little bit helps, whether it’s a short walk around the village or our personal gym routine.

Eat a balanced diet: Adopt an ‘everything in moderation’ approach. Enjoy plenty of wholegrain foods, fruits, vegies and lean meats, and monitor your treats! Living at a Lendlease Serviced Apartment means your meals are prepared by experienced cooks with nutritious and delicious meals the order of the day, every day.

Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t: Know your physical strengths, and limitations. Use mobility aids if you have to. It’s better to be able to get up and be confident about mobilising yourself independently with aids, than feeling nervous about going for a walk on your own.

Look after your mental health: It can be as simple as having a discussion about how you’ve been feeling. Whatever issues you’re dealing with, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. You are never alone.

Our Nurse Clinic includes:
— Free access to comprehensive health checks at your door-step; no need to leave the village
— The opportunity to privately discuss any issues or concerns with a registered nurse; gain expert insight and diagnostic advice
— Help to stay well, with advice on holistic health, including dieting and exercise tips, as well as on more serious matters relating to mental health and well being

The Nurse Clinic will be offered on a free trial basis until 30 June 2017. To find out more about life at Port Phillip Village, click here or call 1800 550 550 to book your personalised tour.

*Nurse Clinics are currently being trialed at four villages across Melbourne including Fiddlers Green, Goodwin Close, Highvale and Port Phillip Village, until 30 June 2017. The Nurse Clinic is offered in an ongoing capacity at Classic Residences Brighton.