Go with the flow – the benefits of being by the water at Port Phillip Village

Lapping waves, a fresh ocean breeze, an expanse of lake or a glistening blue sea – there’s no denying that there’s something eternally calming about being by the water.

Nestled in the quaint beachside suburb of Altona, Port Phillip Village offers the perfect backdrop for a rewarding life of fun and fulfilment. The village boasts an impressive selection of amenities including billiards table, vegetable gardens and indoor heated swimming pool. The village’s grand Community Centre opens out onto an impressive bowling green for residents to enjoy

But if it’s the great outdoors you’re after, Port Phillip Village is just a short stroll from beautiful Altona Beach, offering residents a peaceful setting for morning walks, beach cricket with family, and summer swims – all just a stone’s throw from the village

If you’ve ever considered a sea change, then the following points, highlighting the benefits of living by the sea, just might inspire the move.

Stretch your legs: It’s as easy as putting one foot in front of the other, but its impact on our health is impressive. Research has found that as little as 25 minutes of walking per day is enough to increase longevity by as much as seven years, and can reduce depression and increase cognitive function1. Walking by the water provides an especially energising backdrop.

Take a breath: Ever wondered why you feel so relaxed after a day by the seaside? Healthy negative ions in the sea air help accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen, as well help balance our moods, increase energy and reduce stress2.

Pack a picnic: Grab a picnic basket, load up on lunch and invite the family. A lake or seaside setting is the perfect place for catching up with loved ones and soaking up some Vitamin D.

Enjoy a dip: There’s never been a better reason to put on your swimming costume. Sea water is known to have a variety of health benefits including strengthening immunity, improving circulation, promoting overall wellbeing and hydrating your skin3.

Embrace the blue: Want to bring the relaxing effect of the water home? Turn your bedroom into an ocean-hued oasis. Research has found the colour blue can calm the nervous system and enhance sleep quality4 – which isn’t surprising when you consider how calming staring at the sea can be. You can also add accents of the colour with a soft throw rug on the bed, a few cool-toned cushions and a soothing candle which is a sure-fire recipe for a restorative night’s sleep.

To start your sea change today, click here to arrange a village tour at Port Phillip Village or call 1800 550 550.


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