A new resident of Parkland Villas Woodlands shares her experience


For Rita Carr, artist, grandmother and new resident at Parkland Villas Woodlands, this year has brought many positive changes in her life. 

We spoke with Rita to hear first-hand what it was like to experience moving into a village and embracing a new lifestyle amidst the last few challenging months. 

Rita is a talented artist specialising in acrylic landscapes and seascapes and says her move to village life is a new experience that she’s very much looking forward to. Rita’s positivity and outlook on life will ensure she embraces all that the Parkland Villas Woodlands community has to offer. 

“This is my time. It’s going to be my new life and I’m very very happy because it’s the right thing to do for me, “ said Rita.

“Selling during COVID was surprisingly simple and it all happened quickly. I was in a large three bedroom, two lounge room home in Scarborough and it sold within three weeks,” said Rita.

“The benefit of selling during this time meant only genuine buyers were in the market, and the whole experience of selling and buying felt nano quick. And as for my exercise during COVID, well I was packing boxes almost every day, so I had my fitness covered!”

Like many, Rita’s decision to move into a village was sparked by a health concern, of which was her eyesight. The thought of not being able to drive and not being able to easily access amenities was a concern, and so being centrally located to shops and services is a great benefit of being a resident at Parkland Villas Woodlands. 

“I love going to the movies, and having Event Cinemas and Westfield Innaloo almost on my doorstep was very important. When my friends ask, what villa are you in? I can now joke with them and say, “the one right next door to Dan Murphy’s, I’m thinking of installing a gate and walking right on in to get my wine.”

Rita has also embraced the opportunity to downsize, and while she had to get rid of some furniture and possessions, she now enjoys much less cleaning and maintenance around her home. 

“The villa I purchased was beautifully redone, I fell in love with it and it was an easy choice, however it was a big downsize none the less,” she admitted.

“While I loved my old house, I don’t miss the stairs, I don’t miss the busy car lined streets, and while it had such a homely feeling, my new villa has that same lovely feel, so I knew it was right.

“Having my daughter and granddaughter stay was also a priority in my decision so the second bedroom is my current focus and continues to be a work in progress,” she said. 

And would Rita recommend Woodlands to her friends? “That’s a resounding yes!” 

“I’ve already spoken to one of my friends knowing that the villa next door will soon become available and I’ve even tried convincing her how we can be neighbours and even share a gate between our yards!

“So I am here, I’m loving it, I’m currently part of lots of external clubs, including the Wembley Downs Social Tennis Club, and two Art Societies, however I’m also looking forward to meeting more residents and partaking in the social activities on offer here in the village.”