Costs and Ownership

Prepaid Plan

Relax into retirement with a sense of comfort.

The Prepaid Plan is ideal for those who like to get everything settled in advance. When you choose to buy your home with the Prepaid Plan, you’ll pay for the price of your property as well as an upfront management fee. This means you can relax knowing this cost has been taken care of already. When it comes to leaving the village, Lendlease can help you sell your home at the market rate, and any capital gains from your home will be yours.

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Refundable Contribution

Enjoy your retirement with optimum security.

Choosing to pay for your home via a Refundable Contribution gives you the security of knowing your money is guaranteed by paying more in a refundable upfront contribution, with no additional management fee at exit. There are no selling costs or pressures, no legal fees and no reinstatement costs to worry about.

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Deferred Management Fee

Make the most of your retirement now.

A Deferred Management Fee (DMF) contract is a great choice for those looking to make the most out of their retirement now. By deferring part of the costs of your home until after you re-sell, you can buy in at a more affordable price and keep some cash in the bank to continue enjoying the things you love.

Two Deferred Management Fee contracts are available. Choose from participating and non-participating – ask us today!

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