Resident Testimonials

Meet Ross & Barbara – Celebrating a year at The Aerie


Ross and Barbara Ramsay can tell you a lot about The Aerie, having recently celebrated their one-year anniversary in the community in June 2020. The trailblazing couple were the first residents to move in and have watched The Aerie grow into the vibrant community it is today. We chatted to them about the move that happened 12 months ago and highlights of their time here.

Q: Tell us a bit more about yourselves. 

Ross' time in the Army and our later work with both of us in government and business have taken us to a lot of places in the world, but we always come back home to Canberra. In the last few decades, we’ve been long term residents here.  We like the city facilities, access to the bush and ease of getting around the place.
Our greatest interest is our four talented children who have given us seven grandchildren, five of whom are grown up now. They live in other parts of the world – Singapore, Hong Kong and some are here in Australia. Zoom has been very helpful to all get together virtually.
Q: What brought you to The Aerie a year ago?

We had a big house and a very large yard that was all getting a bit much with just the two of us. Out to downsize, we looked at a lot of apartments in the area and eventually decided high rise living wasn’t for us – we weren’t very keen on the high-rise lifts and having to go a long way down to basements to get to cars.
Lyn (Sales Manager) introduced us to the Aerie at a local exhibition and we liked the concept of the village and community facilities such as the Clubhouse. The location suits our lifestyle; it is convenient, close to the city, shops and the airport. Space was also important for us – even while we were overseas we lived in spacious homes; so it is great that The Aerie gives us a good living space.
Q: What has been some highlights of living here?

The village has a very friendly, welcoming atmosphere. We’ve met everyone who lives here and it’s always nice to see a familiar face and wave as they come past. Prior to the government restrictions we also met regularly for happy hour drinks, which then moved to driveway drinks so we can all maintain physical distance but still catch up!

Liam the Village Manager is very helpful. He always keeps us informed when new residents move in so we can say hello and welcome them into the community.
Q: Do you feel safe and secure here?

Oh yes, we never worry about security. There’s a big metal gate that closes at 9pm and opens at 4am to let the newspaper delivery man in. The structure of the house makes us feel very secure. The villa is also warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Q: What are you looking forward to in Year 2 of living here?

We are looking forward to the clubhouse opening soon. We live adjacent to it and it’s been great watching it rise from nothing. It looks impressive now!
Q: What would you say to anyone who is considering moving into the village?

Come and join us! We’ve already recommended The Aerie to several retired friends. With the clubhouse opening, there will be more village social life.