Meet resident Marcia Hill 

Menzies Malvern resident since 2016.



Marcia Hill moved into Menzies Malvern in 2016 but has lived in and around the area her whole life. She was born in Hawthorn and also lived in Brighton. Upon marrying her husband Sid they lived in Glendearg Grove Malvern for all their married life. During this time Marcia had walked past Menzies Malvern many times, often thinking to herself that it would be a lovely place to live one day. After Marcia’s husband passed away she found herself walking past again one day, this time noticing a billboard which enticed her to walk in and inspect 3 apartments. Marcia knew it was time to sell the big house and be part of a community, so she picked her favourite of the 3 and has never looked back since.

Being a very sociable person, Marcia loves that she is free to do as much or as little as she likes within the community, as she is still keeping busy with her social life outside of Menzies Malvern. The prime High Street Malvern location makes it easy for her to walk to shops, boutiques and restaurants, and she often enjoys “having lunch with the girls” – although she does also highly rate the chef-made meals at Menzies Malvern too! 

When she’s not busy catching up with friends or venturing around town, Marcia loves to travel. Her passion for horse racing and her late husband’s job as a bookmaker took them to all parts of the world. They travelled to every major horse racing event in the world including Ascot in the UK, The Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe in France, The Kentucky Derby in the US and other major racing events in Greece and Italy. Marcia has countless memories from her travels around the world and her unwavering approach to live life to its fullest means she has no regrets in life. The safety and peace of mind from living in a secure, luxury community means Marcia can continue to travel without worrying about her home while she is away. In fact, Marcia has already decided where her next trip will take her and looks forward to visiting her son Christopher and grandsons in Perth. 

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