Costs and Ownership

Choose your way to retire
with three different ways to buy

We know everyone likes to do things a little differently. That’s why we’ve created three different ways to buy your home at Meadowvale, so you can pick the contract that works best for you.

Prepaid Plan

Relax into retirement with a sense of comfort.

Relax with the certainty that you've paid the management fee upfront, and that any capital gains will be yours.

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Refundable Contribution

Enjoy your retirement with optimum security.

Feel secure knowing your money is guaranteed by paying more in an upfront refundable contribution with no management fee, no legal fees, no reinstatement costs on exit.

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Deferred Management Fee

Make the most of your retirement now.

Leave yourself cash in the bank now to make the most of your retirement by deferring the management fee until later.

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Reserving Your Property

Securing your property at Meadowvale is simple. All you need is a $1,000 reservation fee, then you’ll be given a contract and the time required to review it thoroughly. The contract will explain in detail the type of ‘tenure’ you will have for the property. At Meadowvale we offer a Loan Lease Agreement. As with any legally-binding agreement, it is strongly recommended that you obtain your own legal and financial advice when considering a move into a retirement village. If you change your mind at any point before signing the contract, your full reservation fee will be returned to you. For any questions, please contact the Village Manager.