Designed for life

Large or small? Modern or classic? Apartment or villa? Everyone is different, and so is their idea of what makes a perfect home. Our wide range of living options will ensure that there’s something to satisfy even the most discerning resident.



Our villas are typically on ground level and are available in one, two or three bedroom layouts, some with a separate study. They feature open-plan living and dining areas, and are designed to take advantage of abundant natural light, where possible. Most of our villas and units also include a private outdoor area and garden, and a garage or car space.



Lendlease apartments offer all the luxuries of living in a home you’ll love, and no need to worry about mundanities such as maintenance. Designed with comfort in mind, these contemporary living spaces come with either one, two or three bedrooms, many with a separate study.


Serviced apartments 

Serviced Apartments enable you to retain your independent lifestyle, but with a little extra help. We take care of the cooking and cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about shopping for groceries, preparing meals or maintaining the house and garden. We can also provide extra personal support services if required. Find out more about Lendlease Serviced Apartments.

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