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Your Health and Wellbeing

Regular social events, connecting with the community and activities that engage mind, body and spirit are all a part of village life.

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Facilities fit for a resort

Life in a Lendlease Retirement Village is conducive to realising your dreams and pursuing your interests. Each village is unique in the facilities it offers. They may include swimming pools, hairdressing salons, bar areas, billiards rooms and business centres equipped with computers and internet access.

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Property styles

With a range of living options to suit todays contemporary lifestyles, a Lendlease village offers the perfect base from which to enjoy every aspect of your life.

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Serviced Apartments

When you live in a Lendlease Serviced Apartment, you can enjoy life without having to think about mundanities such as shopping for groceries, preparing meals, doing the cleaning and maintaining a garden, ensuring you have more time in your day to pursue the things you love.

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Care Service Partnerships

Our relationships with some of Australia’s most well-respected health care providers, give you access to the most relevant information, to plan your care journey with ease. Whether you need help understanding myagedcare.gov.au, want to discuss future planning options, or get advice on home care packages, our healthcare partners are here to provide personalised guidance, no obligation necessary.

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Lendlease Resident Rewards

Our residents can access offers from thousands of national and local outlets. It’s another way residents are supported to remain active while saving a few dollars along the way. Discounted Gift Cards, Movie tickets, Restaurant and Travel experiences along with Health & Wellbeing offers represent some of the categories available.

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