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How our free Property Valuation tool can help you

How our free Property Valuation tool can help you

When preparing to sell your property, there’s no such thing as too much information. The housing market can be a complex and arduous realm to navigate. It’s hard to know which real estate agents to trust and there’s a lot to organise. From preparing for open houses, to packing, to organising your new home – the list goes on.

For some people, buying and selling houses is a familiar game – a task they’ve undertaken many times throughout their lives. For others who have spent many years or decades living in the same home, it can be overwhelming. Fear of the unknown may even be the one thing holding you back from downsizing and making the move to a retirement village.

To help you get started, we’ve worked with leading real estate specialists to develop a free Property Valuation Tool to offer guidance and assistance through the early stages of this exciting process of downsizing. This free property report cuts through the jargon and presents valuable market insights into the value of your home in an easy to understand document.

By simply filling out our online form with a few basic details, the report will come straight to your email inbox courtesy of real estate comparison specialist Agent Select, who help homeowners connect with the local real estate agent who’s right for them.

Inside the report, you’ll find nine pages of easy to understand information on your property and where it stands in the local market. One of the most valuable details includes a full property value estimate, and range. This is provided by CoreLogic and is a statistically derived estimate that presents you with a confident price range.

This can be used as a starting point to get you thinking about the value of your property. Are you in a position where you’d like to sell soon, or are you just testing the waters? Are you preparing to downsize to a property that’s more suited to your lifestyle? Whatever your situation, the Property Value Report comes complete with all the bits and bobs you need to approach a real estate agent with a clear goal in mind.

The report profiles a number of recently sold properties in your area, as well as a number that are currently on the market. As an additional help, the report lists a number of current rental properties in the area, as an insight into leasing prices if you are considering that option.

This targeted information is presented alongside market information specific to your suburb including median prices and other key metrics like sales activities, price growth and rental yield. While this may sound like it’s edging the fence towards jargon, the report presents these detailed figures and graphs in a way that’s easy to grasp and understand.

After all, the property game is complicated, but that doesn’t mean selling your home has to be. Get your report free today by visiting http://www.retirementbylendlease.com.au/property-valuation/.

DISCLAIMER: These reports are estimates only and Lendlease does not warrant their accuracy. Please check the terms and conditions available at the report request page for more details.

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