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Three easy at-home exercises



Staying happy, healthy and motivated can be easily achieved at home without the price tag of gym memberships and expensive equipment. Who would’ve thought a chair, a wall or even a table is all you need to be the next Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons of today.


Below are three simple exercises we suggest to kickstart your new daily routine that can be made easier or harder by increasing the number of reps.


Put your leotard on and pull up the leg warmers. Let's have some fun.


Bicep curls

Grab a can of chickpeas or a water bottle and sit in a chair. Begin with your arms by your sides, elbows tucked in. Raise both arms simultaneously toward your shoulders and slowly lower your hands back down.



Chair squats

An alternative to traditional squats, chair squats are a great way to gradually build up strength. Start by standing with your back to the seat of your chair and bend your knees until your bottom touches the seat of the chair. Without sitting fully in the seat, use your legs and abdominals to raise yourself upright again to a standing position. If you cannot get all the way down to touch the chair, that is ok, you can build up to it.



Standing marches

With a wall beside you for support, stand tall and raise one knee until it is at hip height. Place your foot back down on the ground and then switch to the other leg. Repeat this exercise to improve balance and for a light cardio workout. For a more intense workout, bring your right knee to your left shoulder, and your left knee to your right shoulder.



Remember, the key is a little movement each day, whether it be these three exercises, watching a yoga tutorial, or walking to the cafe with friends. Focusing on your health and wellbeing should be simple and fun.


To see these exercises and more, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybVMu31DLQU

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