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The Surprising Effects of Having a Pet

The Surprising Effects of Having a Pet

Dogs are man’s best friend for good reason, providing companionship and endless amounts of love to their owners. But that’s not all pets are good for – research shows that having a pet has many more benefits than just companionship alone.

Physical Health

Pet owners often lead a more active life than those who don’t own pets1, usually due to a need to walk their pet on a daily basis. Research has also uncovered a reduced risk of heart disease2 as a result of having a pet. Those who have pets are more likely to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol2 levels than those who don’t own pets regardless of factors such as their personal health and lifestyle, most likely due to leading a more active life.


Having a pet comes with a slew of benefits on your wellbeing. Pets are proven to improve mood1 due to the companionship they provide. You may also see yourself spending more time outdoors, and by spending time in nature breathing in fresh air and getting your Vitamin D, there is a significant positive effect on your mood and wellbeing1. Your daily walks may also lead to an increase in socialising1 with your neighbours and strengthening relationships with neighbours and friends.

Pets have a marked difference on your overall wellbeing. If you’re considering adopting a pet, head to your local animal shelter to decide what pet would best suit your lifestyle.


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