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The Beauty of Reusing and recycling

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A small home can have a big impact, thanks to a few smart ideas and a change of perspective. Ex-fitter and turner and marine engineer, Don Glasby, has a real passion for reusing and recycling old materials and he puts this passion to great use.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Giving new life to something old is an eco-friendly way of giving your home some unique touches.

The beauty of repurposing is that there’s no limit to how creative you can be. Wooden crates, stacked on their sides, become a rustic bookshelf. Empty flour sacks make striking cushion covers. Old fabrics can be stretched on a frame for instant wall art. Combining imagination with resourcefulness is the perfect recipe for reducing the ever-climbing mountain of rubbish.

Ex-fitter and turner and marine engineer, Don Glasby, has had plenty of experience reusing and recycling. He was the chairman for the Gladstone Men’s Shed, where they mainly made toys from recycled materials, for disabled children in collaboration with the special school. He lived on acreage for 35 years. Now residents at The Lakes in Bundaberg North, Don is in the process of setting up The Lakes North Project Shed in Queensland, where the community can work alongside each other.

“We’ve been to the tip and found things like old doors, which have already been turned into a cupboard to store our tools,” he said. “I’m still in touch with the shed in Gladstone, because they’re going to donate us some tools. I’m just assessing the sort of things we’ll need.”

In his own home, Don’s already done several renovations and made furniture using sustainable materials. “Since we moved into the village I’ve made a couple of changes to our house. Raelene didn't have many drawers in the kitchen… so I reused the doors and shelves that I took out of the cupboard, turned them into drawers, and put ‘lazy susans’ in all the cupboards too, so she doesn't have to bend down too far. Most of the things I make come from scrap material. Hardware stores and places like Bunnings often throw material away if it’s slightly damaged, even with a tiny chip. Personally, I love working with fine grain timber, inlaying timber and stuff like that. I always keep busy. Making things helps keep me young.”

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