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What is Resident Rewards?

What is Resident Rewards?

Lendlease Resident Rewards is a benefits program available for all residents of Lendlease retirement villages.

The program is designed to help you save some money on your favourite activities and at your favourite retailers. All memberships are paid for by Lendlease, so you can enjoy the benefits without having to pay any additional costs.

The Resident Rewards program includes discount offers (such as a discount on gift cards), value adds (such as a buy-one get-one free meal at a restaurant) and local offers with retailers close to your retirement village. The Resident Rewards program boasts a wide range of great offers from major and local Australian businesses.

The Lendlease team continuously works on partnering with more local businesses in each village area, as well as building on existing relationships with businesses to offer a wider range of products and services. If you have ideas about businesses that should be included in the Rewards system, visit www.residentrewards.com.au to get in contact and submit your suggestions. You can also find more information about the program at the above website, as well as information on how to claim your free membership today.

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