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Celebrating… New-found hobbies

By Kay Kerr, Journalist

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Retirement has given Dave Henry the gift of a passion and talent he never knew he had. All it took was making time to stop and smell the roses or, in his case, the timber. For this former workaholic, it is reason to celebrate this exciting new phase of his life.

Working in managerial roles within the mining industry, Dave Henry was so busy he didn’t have time for anything else.

As soon as he woke in the morning, Dave would be on his phone, and he wouldn’t stop until he laid his head down at night.

Dave says it took him about six months of retirement to fully realise there was more to life than working.

“That was the hardest thing about retirement,” he says. “I had to get away from that attitude of waking up and thinking ‘What do I need to do today?’ and always being busy.”

The incredible thing was that when Dave stopped working, he discovered a talent for something else entirely.

“I was a workaholic all my life,” he admits. “I didn’t have hobbies because work was my hobby, and then suddenly I found myself sitting around with nothing to do. That’s when I picked up a piece of timber.”

Without any drawings or plans, Dave has found himself able
to build some impressive pieces out of wood from old pallets.

He started with birdhouses and quickly moved on to creating coffee tables, dining tables and plant stands.

For Dave, the pay-off is not about making money from his creations; it’s about the peace of mind and satisfaction that comes with his woodwork.

“I keep the pieces I like, I give some away and I’ve sold some,” he says.

With a new project always on the go, and two sons and three grandchildren close by, Dave says he is celebrating the freedom of the lifestyle he has created for himself.

“It’s a very relaxed atmosphere here,” says the Buderim Gardens resident. He often finds himself wandering down to the waterfront for a coffee, or spending an afternoon working on his garden.

“I always wanted to be here on the Sunshine Coast and I’m so happy – I should have done the move years ago.”

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