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How to Keep your Electricity Bill Down Year-Round

How to Keep your Electricity Bill Down Year-Round

It may seem like your electricity bill continues to rise without you specifically doing anything different. However, there are some simple changes you can make that will lower your bills and save you some money throughout the year.


When there is plenty of sunlight during the day, turn off lights that don’t need to be on. Using natural light instead of artificial is a great way to reduce your electricity bill.

Only keep the air conditioner on for short periods of time. It’s best to turn off the air conditioner once your room has cooled down to an acceptable temperature, and only turn it back on when the room heats up again.

Another handy tip to beat the heat is to not put your blinds all the way up in. Instead, lower your blinds halfway or the entire way to keep out the heat and avoid turning your air conditioner on.

Clothes dryers should only be used for rainy and grey days. Invest in a clothes airer and use it in the warmer months to reduce your electricity bill.


Heating can skyrocket your bills during the colder months. Instead, rug up with a blanket and some warm clothes rather than turning the heater on to stay warm on chilly nights. Another great way to stay warm is by doing some light exercise, such as going for a walk or some stretching, to get your blood flowing and raise your body temperature.

Avoid portable heaters – they are power drainers! They use much more electricity than standard heaters to warm a room, so opt for alternate heating options instead if you need one.

Another great rule of thumb is to never set your heating temperature higher than 20°C. Higher temperatures use more electricity to heat a room, so this is another great way to lower your electricity bill.

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