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Introducing Marguerite Ryan, the founder of Women for Women in Africa


Marguerite Ryan, a resident of our Menzies Malvern community, is a busy lady with a big heart. A mother of seven and grandmother of 18, Marguerite has lots of love to give and welcomes new residents to Menzies Malvern with open arms.


Marguerite is the founder and chairperson of Women for Women in Africa, a volunteer charity that helps give women and children of Kibera, East Africa’s largest slum and one of the largest in the world, access to education and resources.


Women for Women in Africa began in 2004 following several trips to Kibera where Marguerite became impassioned to raise funds to help those in need. All funds raised goes towards providing education for children and women, as well as skills training for women in Kibera.


“Women for Women in Africa’s mission is to help women gain confidence, education, and self-esteem,” Marguerite says.


“When I visited Kibera, the women asked me to help their children as they were unable to, and I knew I could raise fund to go towards their education. Since then, we’ve educated more than 350,000 children, and we won’t stop until Kibera is a safe place for all.”


To find out more information about Women for Women in Africa or to donate, visit https://womenforwomeninafrica.org.au/.

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