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Barry Tennant

Barry Tennant settled into retirement life easily, immersing himself in the Eaglemount resort community. He is now the custodian for the village’s workshop, The Hobby Shed. In 2004, Barry Tennant, 74, and his wife, Lynette, 70, decided to leave their home in Timberlands and move to Eaglemount Resort, Mackay. 

The decision came easily to the couple. Married for 51 years, they favoured the quiet and safe villas of the resort over the other nearby retirement villages. 

“We just decided we didn’t want to go back into suburbia,” Barry says. “We considered moving into a retirement village for the fact that everything is so much easier.”

Reflecting on earlier years in the village, Barry says fitting into the village community wasn’t difficult. 

“We didn’t know anybody here. Before we moved in, we were invited down to the club house by the manager. We got to know a few people and made our friends from there.”

Barry has been an active member of the onsite workshop since moving in, and now holds the position of custodian. 

“At the time of our moving in, the age of the residents was between 60 and 70. There were quite a few men who brought some of their tools of trade with them and made use of them within the workshop.”

The workshop became so popular within the village community that, in 2014, Lendlease provided the funds, equipment and hardware for a shed upgrade.

The Hobby Shed, as it is now known, is put to great use. Residents enjoy crafting pieces such as bread boards and serviette holders, which are in high demand at the local markets, and members of the community often place orders for the highly‑coveted woodwork. 

Barry sees The Hobby Shed as a huge asset to the resort, allowing residents to carry on doing what they love while being active members of their community.

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