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Five Easy Yoga Poses


Yoga is a wonderful form of light exercise that improves your muscle strength and balance1. Try the below five easy and beginner-friendly yoga poses:


Mountain pose

Start by standing with your feet hip distance apart. Place your arms by your side with palms facing outward. Take a deep breath and roll your shoulder up, back, and down, this will help to keep your chest lifted. Once in position, find your balance and take note of your breathing.



Tree pose

For the tree pose, stand with your feet hip width apart. Relax your shoulders and take a deep breath, move your weight to the left foot and slowly take your right foot off the ground to rest gently on your left ankle. Bring your hands together at your chest, or above your head for an added challenge. Repeat on the other side.




From a standing position, bring your left foot forward and pivot toes to face the front, leaving the right leg behind with toes facing outward. Bring your arms up into “T” shape with palms facing down. Bend slightly forward from the hips, bringing your left hand down to meet your ankle and your right hand reaching toward the sky. Repeat on the opposite side.




Begin by lying on your stomach. Your arms should be bent by your sides, with elbows tucked in close to your body. Take a deep breath in and push your legs into the ground whilst pushing down on your hands, bringing your torso off the ground. Take deep breaths in this position while holding the pose for up to one minute.




Start on hands and knees with your wrists underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips. Inhale and tilt your pelvis backwards so your tailbone sticks up in the air to achieve cow pose. Hold, then exhale and tuck in your tailbone to achieve cat pose.






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