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Fight food waste


Over 7.3 million tonnes of food waste is sent to landfill each year, almost 300kgs of food per person. Not only does this have a significant effect on the environment, but it ends up costing you, too.


The impact of climate change continues to be a topic of conversation and a reality for the generations to come. In the words of Jane Fonda, “there’s no more important fight than climate change”. So, how does this start in our own homes?


Get your reusable bag and BYO coffee cup ready, and let’s save the planet.



Pre-plan meals and write a shopping list ahead of your grocery shop, so you only buy what you need for the week. Not only will you reduce your food waste, but you’ll also end up saving money.



Move perishables to the front of the fridge so that they’re in clear sight, not hiding in the back. By doing so, you will be reminded to eat them before heading back to the shops and possibly doubling up on purchasing.



Sick of throwing out single-use plastic? Swap the plastic packaging for some seeds, and grow your own herbs at home. You’ll never have to buy coriander again! Next time you’re looking to give a gift, a pot of homegrown herbs does the trick.


For more recipe inspiration, visit this website: https://myfoodblog.com.au/how-to-use-the-whole-vegetable-root-to-stem-cooking/#.YnNRAPNByWB.


Remember, every little bit counts - it’s about small, achievable steps. 

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