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There is nothing quite like surrounding yourself with loved ones, enjoying a meal and the joy of each other’s company. We often tell ourselves, ‘life is busy, work is important, everyone has a lot to do.’ While these are all valid reasons for not making it to social gatherings, when it’s all said and done, spending time with family and friends is, really, what it’s all about.

Among so many other wonderful things, the winter months present the opportunity to cook beautiful, big hearty meals. These nourishing, home-style meals are usually just what the doctor ordered. Rich, filling ingredients and lots of yummy courses are a fabulous way to bring people together and an even better way to fill your belly and help you sleep soundly.

If you’re thinking of having a gathering and are having trouble deciding what to serve, here are four handy hints;

Big share plates, strategically placed in the centre of the table are ideal for promoting conversation, interaction and a relaxed dining environment. From ratatouille to pulled pork or beef brisket, there are hundreds of delicious, warming dishes that are fabulous when enjoyed between friends.

If you’re having people over and you want it to be a relaxed event with delicious food, a slow cooked meal is just the ticket. With only the prep and the table settings to consider, you can concentrate on enjoying yourself and making the most of your company.

The most delicious, underrated member of the culinary world; the simple, large, shared pasta dish has brought joy to family’s in Italy, and the world over, for centuries. Add crusty bread and a full-bodied wine and your get together is bound to be a success.

With the evolution of modern cooking comes the new-found craze of the ‘at-home-restaurant’ or ‘pop-up-chef.’ This is a great option if you want to avoid cooking altogether but wish to enjoy a delicious, restaurant quality meal in the comfort of your own home.

There are countless culinary options for a cozy winter meal in with your nearest and dearest.

These top four hints will hopefully help to bring you closer to your decision on what to serve. If each and every one of us can manage stop and enjoy connecting with our favourite people just once this winter, then our cups will surely be full to the brim.

As the Italian saying goes,

‘Buon cibo, buon vino, buoni amici’…

Translation: ‘Good food, good wine, good friends.’

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