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With the inevitable arrival of winter, we find ourselves getting out the heavier bedding, coats and scarves. We let the dog sleep inside and in Queensland we close the windows and doors that little bit earlier each day.

If the earlier sunsets and lower temperatures have snuck up on you this year and you feel a touch unprepared, here are a few tips to help you make the most of the cooler months…

Warm Drinks

There’s nothing quite like feeling warm inside when it’s cold outside - and putting on a warm brew can be just the ticket.

If a tea or cofffee just won’t cut it, why not try making yourself a delicious hot toddy? Here’s a little recipe to get you started;

  • Fill a mug with boiling water
  • Mix in a good dose of honey, a touch of sugar and a couple of cloves
  • Add a slice of lemon or orange, a stick of cinnamon… AND VOILA!
  • If you’re looking for an extra touch take one measure of your chosen spirit (traditionally brandy, whisky or rum)

It’s that simple! You now have a warm winter beverage to rival even the strongest coffee or the chocolatiest hot chocolate.

Winter Fashion

Winter opens wardrobes up to a world of wonderful fashion opportunities. Adding a pashmina or scarf can completely change the look of an outfit. It’s fun to make the most of simple styling options like this. So, get creative, get cosy and stay warm!

Clocking Up Some Couch Time

It’s chilly outside, there’s popcorn in the pantry and you’ve got a list of Netflix downloads you’d love to tick off the list. Settling in for a movie marathon or to indulge in a series is a great way to spend a chilly day.

Footy Season

Whichever code you follow, winter and football go hand-in-hand. It’s time to dust off your team beanie and scarf then to head to the local game or to meet friends in front of a big screen. These crowd-pleasing sports go hand-in-hand with a hot meat pie and some good old fashioned barraking.

However you decide to spend your winter, welcome it with open arms and a warm embrace. It must just hug you right back.

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