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Patsy Marshall never thought she would live in a retirement village. Now, she’s happier and more active than ever before. From her tap toes to her jazz hands, there’s nothing Patsy loves more than to dance. Although she’s now in her seventies, she still loves to put on the old top hat and tails and entertain her fellow residents at WA’s Parkland Villas Mandurah.

After spending her working life in Sydney, Patsy and her husband, Jim, made the move across the country to WA to be closer to their family. Since settling in three years ago, Patsy has joined a number of dance groups, and goes to dance class three times a week. She’s an active and enthusiastic member of Beat The Feet, a dance and exercise initiative that's is very popular with a lot of the residents in Mandurah, and Patsy isn’t surprised.

“I absolutely love it. All the movements are targeted to over 55’s, designed so they don’t hurt your body. I go every Tuesday and Thursday night and all the people are so welcoming and lovely,” she said.

“I’ve been very active all my life, so coming here and being able to do all that I do is amazing.”

Patsy is no newcomer to dance. Before the move from Sydney, she was in a group called the Everyoung Golden Girls, who have performed their choreography at countless clubs and retirement villages around the harbour city.

With many performances came many costumes – over 50 in total. When Patsy moved, the costumes moved with her, and she’ll don one of her incredible numbers whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Last year, the Spring Retirement Festival in the village included an incredible tribute show to Doris Day, played by Melinda Schneider. Patsy came dressed for the occasion in a canary yellow rock ‘n’ roll number and stole the show. This is just one of the amazing costumes Patsy loves.

“I use my costumes for plenty of different things. I convinced one of my friends from Beat The Feet to do the can-can with me at Christmas. We got all dressed up and that was a lot of fun,” she said.

When she’s not doing the can-can, Patsy and Jim love to engage with all the events the Parkland Villas Mandurah social committee puts together.

“If anybody doesn’t go, they’re crazy. It’s very well run and they have different sorts of nights. There’s something for everybody here,” she said.

Sometimes if they haven’t got any entertainment scheduled for a social night here in the village, I’ll do Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ or something like that.

I’ve got the blonde wig and everything!”

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