Resident Testimonials

Hear from Ann and Juan Sanchez, Residents of Henry Kendall Gardens

Ann and Juan Sanchez

I grew up on the Northern Beaches and have always made the Sydney metro area my home, eventually moving to Parramatta when the business where I worked relocated there. Juan lived in Puente Alto, a suburb of Santiago, Chile and immigrated to Australia in 1987, his name is one of those on the “Welcome Wall” at Darling Harbour. We met at work and soon found we had a lot in common, including family values, bushwalking and photography.

Juan and I married in September of ‘96 and his wonderful parents made the trip to Australia to join in our wedding festivities. We stayed in Parramatta for another 20+ years enjoying life with our 3 children until retirement, and then made the move we had always talked about to the Central Coast.

We moved into Henry Kendall Gardens (HKG) just over 2 years ago now after meeting with Tracy (Sales Manager) for a look around. We were astounded at how beautiful the village was, even in Winter, Juan commenting that it was like a resort! We were also very pleasantly surprised at just how affordable it was. And of course, just like most people who come to view HKG as their prospective home, fell in love immediately with our unit the moment we walked into it. 

We wanted a no fuss retirement where we could settle in with no worries about moving again, or skyrocketing rents or rates or other similar concerns and HKG suited us right down to the beautiful ground.

The village offers many activities that you can chose to be a part of, I have joined the Contemporary Art group and the Garden Club (don’t talk to Juan about my plants! he says soon we will need a chainsaw to get through them all on our balconies!). We have also played darts now and then, attended social dinners, been part of the occasional bus tours, and Juan is still finding new ‘bushwalks’ here in the village. We are amazed at just how many species of birds (and other wildlife) we have found here and already have quite a stack of photos of them. The neighbours were so welcoming when we moved in and we have both made some lovely friends since coming here.

My sister and one of our neighbours from before HKG have followed our example and moved here and are happily living in their new homes as well. You know, I think anyone who is looking to move to retirement living should really take a look at our beautiful village, they certainly won’t regret it.