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We work to create rewarding places for you to live with experiences that enhance your wellbeing. Our villages are safe and secure, socially engaging, environmentally-conscious and above all, resident focused. We employ people whose passion for the industry is evident in the service they provide. Plus our contracts are transparent and of a high standard.

Here’s two contract features we’re sure you’ll like.

Change your mind with peace of mind*

We want you to be confident that you’ve made the right decision, which is why if you decide retirement living is not for you within your first 6 months of living in your property, you can terminate your contract, move out and we guarantee to refund the price you paid, completely free of DMF charges, refurbishment and selling costs. All you’ll pay is fair market rent and monthly service fees for the duration of your stay, and costs to repair any damage you have caused in excess of fair wear and tear.

No ongoing fees, upon exit*

Monthly service fees are a standard part of retirement village living which cover the cost of running your village. But with Lendlease, you can also rest assured that within 90 days of permanently vacating and listing your property you won’t pay any more monthly service fees, no matter how long it takes for your property to be reoccupied.





Are there instances where this offer does not apply?

This offer does not apply to contracts issued at strata or purple title villages. This offer applies to loan/lease villages only at this stage. We will keep you updated if we can extend the offer beyond our loan/lease villages to cover different ownership structures.

Will this add a lot of paperwork and lengthy contract amendments?

No. The offer will be documented in a simple letter attached to your residence contract and provided to you by the village sales manager.


Change your mind with peace of mind

How long do I have to settle in to life in the village?

This new feature gives you a full 6-months from the date you enter into occupation of your property to experience life with us in the village. If you decide retirement living is not for you, you can terminate your contract by giving us a written notice (specifying that you are doing so under the change of mind guarantee) and vacating within 30 days. If you do so, we will refund you the price you paid for your property (less deductions outlined below) within 90 days after you provide us with vacant possession (unless the legislation in your State prescribes an earlier timeframe for repayment).

If I decide to leave, what exactly will I be responsible for paying?

If you leave you will not pay: DMF costs, refurbishment costs, sales costs, or ongoing service fees (from the date you provide vacant possession of your property). You will pay: a fair market rent for the time you occupied the property, monthly service fees for the duration of your stay, and the cost of repairing any damage caused in excess of fair wear and tear.


No ongoing fees upon exit

When does this feature provide a benefit to me?

We are committing to you, at the point of entry, to cap your responsibility for paying the monthly service fees at 90 days after you have provided vacant possession. Whenever you decide to leave the village, be it a 2-year stay or 12-year stay, rest assured Lendlease will take responsibility for paying your monthly service fees beyond 90 days after vacant possession (subject to any earlier date on which your service fees cease being payable under the applicable legislation in your State).

Why do these service fees not stop anyway on exit?

The service fees cover the ongoing costs incurred to maintain and administer the village community, for example maintaining the gardens and communal areas, keeping the lights on and residents safe. It is a cost which is proportionally shared by all the residents in the village community.




*Disclaimer: This offer is subject to terms and conditions which are available from our village sales managers. Lendlease reserves the right to amend or discontinue this offer at any time, at its discretion and without notice. This offer applies to new residents only and excludes strata or purple title villages. The offer operates separate to any statutory rights under the Retirement Villages Act applicable in each State.


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