With age comes confidence

How over 55s are embracing modern dating.

In a society linked by technology, it’s only natural that in one way or another it trickles into every generation. And nowadays dating apps, in particular, are allowing mature individuals to find a connection where previously there was no link.  

Connection is a basic human need. One that’s deeply ingrained in our DNA and something that we’re born with, the need for human connection is nearly as strong as the need for water and warmth and is essential to our mental health and wellbeing. So, it’s heart-warming to know that according to recent statistics, over 55s are embracing technology to find personal connections more than ever before! 

An article published by Australian Seniors revealed that 8 in 10 seniors are more likely to be dating these days than in the past and encouragingly, 7 in 10 seniors believe dating apps and websites are for everyone, no matter the age. Plus, the majority also believe that dating is now easier due to technology. Exciting stuff!

Social isolation and loneliness are some of the biggest issues of concern when it comes to the mental wellbeing of over 55s, particularly for those who have lost partners and/or loved ones. So, the introduction of connection via technology has opened doors that were previously closed. 

Fun fact: Similar research carried out by Australian Seniors has shown that over 55s are more prone to kiss and tell. In other words, are less closed off to locking lips on the first date. Oh, la la! 

Dating apps and websites have also been proven to be more trustworthy and failsafe than ever before, with benefits like discretion, fast-tracking the introduction process and, arguably most importantly, being able to enjoy a safe conversation from the comfort of your own home. 

On top of this exciting new data, connections are also being formed every day at Lendlease villages across Australia with social activities like high teas, gym classes, lawn bowls and Sunday sessions bringing likeminded neighbours together. Talk about a double whammy! 

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