Winter wellness

The days are shorter, the breeze is fresher and our winter coats have made their way out of storage once again—winter is definitely here. Here’s how to make the most of the cold months without letting them get the better of your health.

When the cold days hit, it may be tempting just to stay inside, warm and wrapped under a blanket, but being proactive about your wellbeing can help you get through the chilly months flu-free and healthier than ever.

There are five main categories you could focus on when it comes to giving your winter wellness a boost: healthy foods, exercise, vaccinations, hygiene and staying warm. By combining all five focuses into your daily routine, you’ll give yourself a great chance to stay healthy all winter long.

According to the Dietitian’s Association of Australia, tapping into nutritious comfort foods is one of the easiest strategies to boost your immune system. Eating foods high in Vitamin C, zinc and protein can help to decrease the likelihood of sickness. Meals like pumpkin soup and baked fish (both high in zinc) are perfect winter warmers that will do wonders for both your digestive and immune systems. Adding citrus fruits like lemon into tea and hot water can also provide a much-needed boost to help fight off nasties.

While you may have had a flu vaccine last year, it’s important to head to the doctors and get a new jab every year, as the flu virus is constantly changing. Although the flu vaccine won’t prevent the common cold, it is proven to reduce the severity of potentially dangerous flu infections, as well as boosting your natural immune response, meaning you may not get sick at all even if you are exposed to the virus.

To reduce your chances of falling ill with other infections, make sure to keep your home and surfaces clean. A general disinfectant spray will work well. You can also make use of essential oils throughout your home in winter to boost your overall wellness. Use an oil diffuser with immune-boosting oils like frankincense, tea tree, lemon and peppermint within your home. Not only will it make your home smell great, but will help to clear the air. 

When it comes to keeping active, it’s important to give yourself time to do extra warm-up exercises in winter, to make sure you don’t injure your muscles. Select an enjoyable activity like walking or swimming (in a heated pool) that makes exercise the highlight of your week. There’s plenty of activities available in Lendlease villages which help to make staying active easy during the cold months. 

Finally, rugging up in layers of winter woollies can also help boost your immune system and fight off winter chills. Just like mum always said, “put your jumper on or you’ll catch a cold”, researchers at Yale University have proven that the common cold doesn’t spread as efficiently at warmer temperatures. So get out your scarves and trench coats and rock that winter fashion.

Even though the weather may be chilly, there’s so much to see and do in winter. So rug up, eat well and nurture your immune system to keep your health in tip-top shape all season long.

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