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After 14 different homes, and plenty of road trips, Jill and Ross say moving to a Retirement Village was their best move yet.

Jill and Ross can't ever be accused of procrastinating over big decisions. Within two weeks of their first date the pair got engaged — and they’ve been married for 50 years. It was the same with their latest house: by the time they walked from the entrance of the apartment at Nelsons Grove Retirement Village to the balcony, they agreed they’d found their new home. More than 11 years later, the couple haven’t regretted their house choice for a second. In fact, Jill says it’s “the best move they ever made”.

Jill and Ross were in their early 60s when they made the move to the village. When asked what sparked their decision, a trip across the Nullarbor Plain was the answer. They were both retired and enjoying adventuring around Australia in their caravan. On a trip back from visiting their son and his family in Western Australia, they were chatting about the state of the lawn that would greet them on their return. Jill suggested that perhaps it was time for an apartment, which would need less maintenance. Ross wasn't so sure but Jill persisted, suggesting they look at an over-55s complex.

Nelsons Grove happened by accident. Finding themselves in the area, and too early for a pre-arranged catch up with friends at the local golf course, they called reception on the off chance they could look at an apartment. It was late in the day, but manager Lyn was more than happy to show them through. The rest is history.

Was it difficult to pack up and leave the family home, we asked? With 14 house moves under their belt — Ross’ job as a civil engineer in local government had seen them move often — they had the move down-pat. They checked in with their kids before putting the family home on the market, composing emails to their daughter in Singapore and son in Perth, explaining their plan. Both children enthusiastically backed their parents’ decision.

Although the apartment at Nelsons Grove is a spacious 3-bedder, it was significantly smaller than their family home. How did they go with downsizing? The larger pieces were easy: two enormous settees were let go, but the crockery and sentimental pieces took time to sort through. Jill asked both children if they would like some of their grandparents’ crystal and china. Surprisingly — and perhaps in part because of his Saturday job in the china department of Grace Bros department store as a young man — her son James ended up taking most of the pieces back to Perth. As Jill put it so succinctly, material items come and go but as long as Jill and Ross had their health and their children were well, nothing else mattered.

What advice would they give to others thinking of making the move? Jill said, “Don’t wait until you’re too old!” They moved into the village in their early 60s and haven’t looked back. There is a great community spirit at Nelsons Grove. It’s evident in the way everyone stops to chat to Jill while we are sitting in the lounge. In the room off the dining area, a yoga class is in full swing (or is that full stretch?) Jill explains that there are always plenty of activities and outings on offer. Residents can dip in or out as much they like. But as avid golfers — who first met on a golf course all those years ago — you’ll usually find Jill and Ross at their favourite course, just a stone’s throw from the village.


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