What is a retirement village?

Retirement villages: They are not aged care. They are a lifestyle choice for active independent people aged over 55.

Transitioning into retirement living can be a big decision, which may not necessarily coincide with when you stop work. You may even decide to make the move before you stop work, to take advantage of the lifestyle on offer—the timing is completely up to you.

Many people living in retirement villages are simply making the most of the benefits of village life, so they can continue to do what fulfils them – whether that’s working or not. Retirement village communities are places where people live active, independent lives. They are made up of people from so many different walks of life: working, semi-retired and active, and people who love having the time to enjoy the activities that fulfill them. In fact, a lot of residents tell us they wished they moved in earlier!

Once you decide the time is right to move, the decisions that follow will shape the next years of your life. It’s important to feel confident when choosing the option best suited to you.

One of the key attractions of living in a retirement village is that the homes and the environment have been thoughtfully designed and purpose built to make life easy and enjoyable as you age. The range of living options mean that finding a home that suits your needs is easy. Whether you’re after a larger home, an apartment or Serviced Apartment, there are options to suit almost everyone. Retirement villages can be very social environments, with communal activities, facilities and amenities available to all residents if you choose to use them. The low-maintenance home designs give you more time to enjoy life on a day-to-day basis. It also makes going on holidays as easy as just locking up and leaving.

Retirement villages are for people over 55 who are active enough to live independently in their own home. Residents also find it comforting to know that as the years pass, extra in-home care can be accessed if needed.

Retirement village operators in Australia might be privately owned, not for profit or publicly listed companies. Each state has its own Retirement Villages Act for the operation of villages within. This gives residents security that their rights will always be protected by legislation.

It’s important to familiarise yourself with the facts to make sure your make the decision that’s right for you. For more information about the lifestyle and support offered at our retirement villages, call our Customer Service Team on 1800 550 550.