Three steps to ageless beauty

As the digital world continues to grow so too does our thirst for knowledge. We’ve never before had access to such a wide range of information, from makeup tutorials to scientific studies… you name it, you’ll be able to Google it.

Enhancing our features with makeup however, is a trend that has stood the test of time, with centuries of women (and men) brightening their faces and days using common beauty products.

Now as we blend the two worlds, we have access to experts like the talented Channel 7 Brisbane Makeup Artist Kayla Connor who share their insights into achieving ageless beauty, all from the comfort of our living room.

Enhancing your features can be as easy as following these three steps according to Kayla and if they don’t brighten your day, they’ll surely brighten your complexion.


Inevitably with time, our skin becomes thinner and the need for moisturising has never been so important. You’ll want to give your skin a good drink at night before hitting the hay, to ensure your makeup sits (and stays) nicely in the morning, paying particular attention to your eyes as they often suffer dryness first. Channel 7 Makeup Artist Kayla recommends changing up your skin regimen to reflect each stage of your life.

“If you’ve been using the same skin care products for years, it’s now time to change it up,” Kayla says. “Opt for ones with hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E.”

For the gentleman in your life, don’t discount a good moisturising cream for him either. Men’s skin is just as in need of a little TLC as ours and a hydrating night cream or serum can do wonders.


Ageless Beauty


If you find yourself a little lost selecting a product however, Kayla recommends treating yourself to a facial or seeking assistance from the helpful service team at your local skin care store, who can recommend something that’s specific to you and your concerns.

“You’ll need a cleanser, serum, eye cream and a day and night cream and I recommend double-cleansing your skin at night,” Kayla says. “You’ll need to remember to massage the cleanser into your neck and décolletage, then massage the serum into the skin, before lightly patting on your eye cream with your ring finger and finish by applying moisturiser.”


If you’re still using a powder foundation, you’ll need to give it a fond nod and promptly throw it away. Powdered foundations are notorious for ageing us as it settles into fine lines, particularly on dry skin types. Furthermore, powdered products are often matte which absorb light, leaving your face appearing dull.

You may also need to replace your foundation along with your skin care products, Kayla advises as oftentimes the tone of our skin changes with time as well.

“Our face is always naturally lighter than our shoulders and décolletage, so keep this in mind whilst colour matching your foundation because using a product that is too light for your skin is going to make you appear washed out,” she says. “Swatch (or patch test) a few products on your décolletage and choose a light to medium coverage for everyday wear.”

Her top tip? Select a ‘dewy’ product as it will give you a youthful glow and whilst it may feel unusual or unnecessary changing your foundation, you’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make.


Your eye makeup should be elegant, rather than dramatic. Sweep neutral shades across your eyes with a soft blending brush that will soon become your best friend. Stay away from the brow bone as this can make your eyes appear sunken.

According to Kayla, you should also steer away from black, grey and pastel tones and use an eyeliner in a brown shade that can be easily blended into your lash line with a small angle brush.

“Use natural, warm and earthy tones and use a fluffy blending brush so the shadow doesn’t appear gritty or dirty,” Kayla says. “The TARTE Toasted Palette (from Sephora) is the only one you’ll need, and it’ll last forever.”