The right home for you!

Finding the right fit is important for living the life you want!

Ask yourself: What sort of home do you see yourself living in? Do you envisage a coastal, urban or countryside idyll? Do you want to downsize, or do you want a similar amount of room? A smaller home offers the benefits of less housework and maintenance, while extra space allows room for guests or a work studio.

At Lendlease villages, there are several styles of homes. Our homes are built for convenience and comfort, whilst maximising natural light and minimising maintenance. They are ideally and centrally located in most states of Australia. Often our residents move to one of our villages to be close to their children, grandchildren or family friends.

Freestanding or attached homes

Usually on ground level, our freestanding or attached homes have been designed for low-maintenance, open-plan living, with plenty of natural light.

Sometimes referred to as villas or units, homes almost always come with a private alfresco area and garden.

You can choose a floorplan with one, two or three-bedrooms and possibly a study.

Most homes have car space options, ranging from an outdoor space or carport through to a double lock-up garage with internal access. Some villages may have homes without car spaces.


For frequent travellers or those who love low-maintenance apartment living, choose a one, two or three-bedroom space, possibly with separate study. Whilst most apartments don’t have a private garden, there is usually a balcony – or two!

And don’t worry, you can get your garden fix any time with a roam around the village, enjoying the manicured outdoor spaces that surround you.

Serviced apartments

When you hear the term serviced apartment, it’s usually referring to a one-bedroom or studio apartment, located within a dedicated building in the village, where residents enjoy meals and other services. Serviced apartment living means you are independent enough to live in your own home but feel like you could do with a little bit of extra support. This option means you can enjoy village life, without having to worry about cooking, cleaning or heavy laundry.

If you are one of our residents and you decide you would like to move into a serviced apartment, in most cases we offer an Easy Move option that provides a reduced Deferred Management Fee (DMF) in a serviced apartment. A move like this may be within your own village or to a different village within the Lendlease family.

The bottom line

• Live in a small or large home or apartment
• Choose a studio with meals, cleaning and laundry services