The move to paradise was made easy-breezy

When Dianne decided to leave her village in Victoria in search of sunnier shores in Queensland, our Easymove program did all the heavy-lifting (literally)!


When Victorian Dianne Tear decided to find and move to a retirement village in Melbourne 10 years ago, she visited 43 different properties before she chose one in Berwick.   

Describing the village as lovely and brand-new, Dianne settled in with her husband and was heavily involved in her community leading and participating in many groups, including papercraft, which was a favourite for her.

After her husband passed away, she began the search for a smaller property in Victoria, and finally, in a bid to escape the winter chill, Dianne met up with a close friend on the Sunshine Coast. 

During her holiday she toured a couple of local retirement villages. The first stop was Buderim Meadows on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, where she had visited friends in the past and after a stroll around the village, felt she didn't need to look any further. 

“I chose a refurbished home in Hibiscus Buderim Meadows, which had lovely features including beautiful, easy-clean bathroom and kitchen with gorgeous Easy Touch tap fittings and doors. During the discussion, they offered me a Lendlease Easy Move Package and it seemed my dream move was possible,” Dianne says. 

An Easymove allows Lendlease residents to move or downsize into an independent living property or serviced apartment, without having to wait for their old unit to sell. This means that Lendlease can fund the move to the new unit, and when the old unit sells, the resident can repay Lendlease from the sale proceeds. A move like this may be within a residents' own village or to a different village within the Lendlease family. Therefore, Dianne was able to move to Buderim Meadows before her Berwick unit was sold and settled. 

“I am delighted that Lendlease gave me the opportunity to move immediately as I believed I had to sell my Berwick home first before I could afford to relocate,” Dianne says. “The Easymove offer was the difference between maybe I should and hey, I'm doing it!”

Two retired women walking in a coastal park
The entire process was made seamless and enjoyable for Dianne who appreciated the tremendous support, knowledge, friendliness and handy hints from the Lendlease team members in both Berwick and Buderim.

As for her new lifestyle in Queensland, Dianne reports, “Residents and staff impressed me from the first time I entered the centre, this has been reinforced over the past five months of activities, friendships and fun.”

Taking full advantage of her new community lifestyle at Hibiscus Buderim Meadows, Dianne enjoys papercraft and is playing Hoy on the first Saturday of the month, which is sort of a cross between Old Maid and Bingo, and a wide array of social activities, including line dancing classes. She enjoys socialising at Happy Hour every Friday evening and Meal Night where people come together for dinner catered by a fellow resident.

Dianne Tear enjoying some papercraft at home
Dianne Tear
Dianne is loving her new home and putting the finishing touches such as solar panels and drapes and blinds around her new abode.  An added benefit is having her son in Ipswich, which has made visits much easier being in the same state.

“I haven’t regretted the decision one bit since my move and am very happy with my move to paradise,” Dianne says. 


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