Retirement villages: they’re not aged care!

Retirement Villages are for people over 55 who are active enough to live independently in their own home. In fact, plenty of people who live in retirement villages are not retired at all!


Many are simply making the most of the benefits of village life, so they can continue to do what fulfils them – whether that’s working or not. Many residents tell us they wished they moved in sooner! And here’s why….. 

Living in a retirement village provides lots of health benefits. We know through research that being social and connected is good for your health and makes you happier. In fact, there is decades of research about the topic, showing that people with more social relationships not only live longer, but have greater resistance to infectious disease and have a better chance of fighting illness (1). People with high levels of community participation and high socio-economic status also record the highest life satisfaction scores (2).  

At Lendlease, we like to see our residents remain active and healthy, so we provide lifestyle and wellness initiatives tailored to suit the needs of the community. While each village is unique and has its own schedule, activities including yoga, Tai Chi, gentle movement, circuit, walking groups, cycling groups, social groups, sports and excursions may form part of the program. 

Another key attraction of living in a retirement village is that the homes and the environment have been thoughtfully designed and purpose built to make life easy and enjoyable as you age. Retirement village residents also find it comforting to know that as the years pass, extra in-home care can be accessed if needed. 

Who runs retirement villages?

Retirement village operators in Australia might be privately owned, not for profit or publicly listed companies. Each state has its own Retirement Villages Act for the operation of villages within that state. Lendlease is a highly credible, publicly listed Australian company, that has been building communities since 1966. While our heritage is uniquely Australian, Lendlease now operates around the world and has built many of the world’s iconic landmarks, including the Sydney Opera House. 

Bottom line

  • Village operators might be privately owned, not for profit or publicly listed
  • Villages are operated according to a state-based Retirement Villages Act


(1) “Social relationships and health.” JS House, KR Landis, D Umberson. Department of Epidemiology, University of Michigan, 1988.

(2) “A Flashpoint for Health Policy.” Debra Umberson and Jennifer Karas Montez, 2010.