Spread the Christmas cheer this year

Five fun, festive and charitable ways to celebrate Christmas in your neighbourhood.


As the bells are jingling louder and louder, it’s time to lock down your Christmas plans and what better way to share in the festive celebrations than organising a few fun activities that give back to the community. So, go on, spread the joy as far and wide as you can this season. 

A crafternoon

For a Christmas activity that will have everyone busy, get crafty! Round up the grandkids and throw a neighbourhood street party ‘crafternoon’. Baubles and paint are all you need to make personalised Christmas decorations that will hang on the tree for years to come. Or, try handmade Christmas cards to fill a loved one’s mailbox with plenty of good tidings. 

Festive bake sale

An age-old celebration, Christmas harbours many traditions. For many, family recipes are brought back out again and dusted off for the special day, creating a special time between family to bond and reminisce on the year that’s passed. But you can spread the magic even further by asking your neighbours to make their own (secret) family recipe and bring a plate to a neighbourhood bake sale. Whether it’s mince pies, gingerbread or panettone, ask for a simple gold coin donation and give all the proceeds to charity. A tasty way to make many spirits bright! 

Twinkle tour and tipple

When the sun sets during the silly season, the last place you should be is indoors. Follow the lights up and down the streets with a walking tour and tipple (when you get back to the house of course!). So, pop on your walking shoes, breathe in that warm evening summer air and enjoy the twinkling lights in your neighbourhood with those you love most. All before heading back to your backyard to enjoy a not-so-silent night! 

Gold coin gift wrap

If you fancy yourself a wizard with paper and tape, help others avoid getting their tinsel in a tangle by offering a gift-wrapping service in exchange for a gold coin donation that can then be donated to charity. Gather the stray newspapers or head to your local craft shop to pick up some recyclable paper to make unique wrapping paper that’s environmentally friendly too. And, of course, don’t forget the bow on top. 

Joy in a shoebox 

This is a great one for the grandkids to be involved in! While you’re making your Christmas shopping list, how about adding a gift for someone who could use the extra joy? Firstly, grab a shoebox, wrap it with the brightest wrapping paper you can find, and fill it up with simple gifts like books, as well as a spare new toothbrush or non-perishable snack. Then ask the little ones to choose a toy at your local store to place in the shoebox, or better yet, a toy they may not have used from home. Drop off your magical shoebox under your nearest Giving Tree and then, as you’re opening presents with your family on Christmas Day, think of the delighted child holding your unexpected gift who feels part of the family too. 

Sharing good spirit with family and friends, while giving back to the community, is what Lendlease is all about. Villages across Australia come together each year to celebrate in their neighbourhood or village community centre and it’s a truly vibrant time of year. For more information about Lendlease villages phone 1800 550 550 or visit www.retirementbylendlease.com.au/contact-us