Martin Pater is a pillar of support in the community

Generosity and kindness is in his nature and the community is needing those traits now more than ever!

It’s during times like the ones we are experiencing at the moment when we’re all in search of feel-good stories. You know, the ones that lift us up! And while we may be in our homes for now, the story of Martin Pater certainly inspires us to look toward the future and celebrate how we’ve come together as a community in the past. Here is his story.

If you were to look up the definition of the phrase, “one who wears many hats” you may just come across a picture of Woodlands Park Village resident Martin Pater.

Having moved to the village four years ago, Martin immediately threw his hat into the ring and is involved not only in the local Rotary club within the wider community, but he is also the Chairman of the Resident’s Social Committee and a member of various other committees and volunteering services.

From village happy hour on a Friday to expeditions to the historical gold mining town of Walhalla in Victoria, Martin always has an event, activity, raffle or fundraising initiative on-the-go.

“I like to keep busy and I try to keep everybody else busy and on track too,” Martin laughs. “We get as many as 180 people coming along to the events, which are often held in the village community centre, so it’s no small feat.

With an encouraging nature and a giving spirit, Martin encourages as many members of the village to attend throughout the year as possible for both the enjoyment and sense of togetherness within the community and to raise enough funds to continue holding them.

“For events like our live 50s and 60s music nights or masquerade evenings, for example, we’ll hold a raffle with some of the proceeds going to the social club and some going to the village,” Martin says. “For Easter, we’ll likely be holding a hamper raffle.

Within his role as Program Director and President of the Rotary Club, however, is arguably some of Martin’s most important work to date. The Rotary’s ‘Clean Water’ initiative provides water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs and Rotary’s people of action mobilise resources, form partnerships, and invest in infrastructure and training that yield long-term change.

“Here at Rotary Australia, we’ve implemented a water filtering system to help clean the water for children living in third-world countries,” Martin explains. “The system produces a thousand litres of safe drinking water every hour and is supporting countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, and India where the water is so dirty that the kids would previously be prone to diarrhea and diphtheria. Now they’re living healthier lives with clean water.” 

The local Rotary club, with Martin’s support, has assisted in fitting 120 schools with the water systems in 2019 alone!

As if Martin wasn’t already heavily involved in his community, in his spare time (of which there is very little), he also volunteers as a driver for the City of Casey to make sure his neighbours reach their appointments and get safely home again. All because he enjoys helping others which, in a village like Woodlands Park, is invaluable. 

“I enjoy doing things for other people. It makes me happy knowing that I can make other people happy, so it’s a win-win!” Martin says. 

And what does being a good neighbour mean to Martin?

“Everyone needs a bit of help from time-to-time and maybe not everybody’s is as healthy and able as me, so I love to help. It’s just something that I’ve done for a very long time and that’s just me I guess.” 

For more information about Rotary’s ‘Clean Water’ initiative visit www.rotary.org/en/our-causes/providing-clean-water