Interior styling tips

Transform Your Home into A Cozy Sanctuary

Downsizing comes with a plethora of new opportunities; a chance to start fresh and prioritise the important things in your life. This is especially true when it comes to furnishing your home. Gone are the days where a home gym is necessary, or when you had to find space for your daughter’s old trombone. Your new space will be entirely your own. Make the most of it with furniture and décor that means a lot to you. Creating a visually beautiful and welcoming home is much easier (and cheaper) than you may think.

It’s impossible to ignore that the space you’ll be moving into will likely be smaller than the house you’re leaving. Considering the amenities right at your doorstep, and the community lifestyle you’ll be emerged in, there’s a lot of things you just won’t need anymore. Having a library in the community centre and a gym on site means you no longer need to fit these things into your home. Although this means there may be a few pieces of furniture you can’t bring with you, it’s a chance to think about the pieces really matter, and to start afresh without unnecessary clutter.

Well-chosen furniture can make all the difference to your comfort and the homeliness of your space. Keep your favourite couch, but consider investing in a smaller dining table. A round table without sharp edges and more supportive chairs will be ideal for the future, both for your own safety and that of any young grandchildren who might visit.

Once you’ve got the basics sorted, the rest of your interior design can easily be structured around those key pieces. Soft furnishings like throw rugs and decorative pillows can completely transform the look of your space.

Selecting your colour scheme is step one when it comes to décor. Pick a key colour from one of your favourite accent pieces (like a painting or vase) and bring it through the rest of your home using carefully selected soft furnishings. Emotional responses to colour can have a big impact on moods and comfort levels, so be selective. Opt for blues in distinct tones, warm oranges and greens with a yellow tinge, and consider working with contrasting colours to really bring your space to life.

With the cooler months just around the corner, adding textures to your home will give it an extra cozy feel. Play around with what feels and looks best – don’t be afraid to experiment. Mixing patterns and textures within the same colour palette will keep things interesting. Contrast soft wool and big knit throws with velvet cushions and embroidered fabrics. Try to avoid busy patterns as they can make a space look smaller and more crowded than necessary.

Most importantly, have fun with it all. Stay true to your vision for your space. Combining your favourite, timeless pieces with a few new accents and stunning soft furnishings will instantly transform your house into a home.