How to green your cleaning routine

A few simple swaps can make a big difference. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!


There’s an aura of new beginnings around the start of each spring that wakes up the inner Marie Kondo in all of us. The fragrant smell of jasmine vines, freshly cut grass and clean laundry swaying in the breeze, invades our nostrils and our senses are suddenly ignited into spring-cleaning mode.   

Freshening up your home however, doesn’t have to include the nasty (and sometimes harmful) chemicals that can be found in traditional cleaning products. It also doesn’t have to break the bank! Not only are they a fantastically natural alternative to chemical-laden products, meaning fewer pollutants floating around in the air for you and your family to breathe in; tick! But they’re budget-friendly too; tick, tick!

While you may have heard that white vinegar is a fabulous and thrifty swap for a quality glass cleaner, you may not be savvy to some of these clever cleaning companions.  

Glass cleaner: The Greeks may have had it wrong this whole time! The bright blue cleaner synonymous with their big fat wedding can be easily replaced with white vinegar and water. It does the same job, leaving your windows clean and streak-free. 

Loo cleaner: White vinegar is also helpful when cleaning the loo. Simply pour some undiluted vinegar in and around the bowl and scrub as you normally would. It’s a great germ-killer.  

Oven cleaning: This one’s particularly important due to the obvious. By using harsh cleaners to scrub our ovens we’re essentially transferring nasties from the oven to the meal and then to us. Not nice!  Try mixing one-part water with three parts baking soda to form a paste, coat the oven in the paste, leave for an hour then wipe off. The built-up grease wipes off easily for an oh-so shiny oven with no nasties.  

Grout cleaner: Using the same baking soda paste recipe as above, simply ‘paint’ it onto the grubby grout, leave for an hour, scrub off with a scourer and wipe down. FYI – it requires no more effort than your normal grout-scrubbing routine.  

All-purpose cleaner: One spray bottle. Two steps. Three ingredients. This multi-use recipe will be a lifesaver. Take ½ cup distilled white vinegar, mix with two cups of water and 20 drops of essential oils of your choice and voila! You can also make this au natural cleaning elixir in bulk and the cost-per-use alone is enough to persuade even the most stoic traditional cleaner.  

The finisher: Swap your everyday disposable wipes with a pack of re-usable microfibre cloths. Their cleaning powers far out-do their generic counterparts, they’re environmentally friendly and light on the back pocket because you can simply throw them in the wash and have them on rotation. Win-win… win!  

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