Fast furniture is out and investment pieces are in

Why every home should have a beautiful lounge suite that makes you smile every day

After a decade of home interiors being dominated by fast furniture and minimalism, it seems a new leaf has been turned with the focus put back on good quality pieces.

A common question however, is which piece is worth the investment? Hint: when you see it, it should give you a warm, happy feeling.  

When imagining the layout of your living room, oftentimes the first piece of furniture that comes to mind is a lounge, and rightly so. It’s the anchor in the space. And on top of it being the heart of the room, a beautiful lounge suite can act as an expression of your personal style and will speak for the room, meaning that the surrounding décor and soft furnishings can remain simple.

While a lounge is first-and-foremost a functional piece of furniture used for relaxing with a cuppa, it also provides a fantastic blank canvas to splash with seasonal colour. 

Infusing on-trend shades like duck egg blue or saffron can be as easy as up-styling your lounge with cushions and lightweight throws in various textures. You won’t even need to buy a new insert, simply pick up a gorgeous cushion cover and swap them out as the seasons change. It’s for this reason that many interior stylists recommend choosing a neutral solid piece that will remain steadfast as the trends roll by. 

Does this suit me?

The majority of us are indecisive creatures, particularly when it comes to choosing a piece of furniture that’s worth a pretty penny, so determining what kind of lounge suite will suit your home is the first step. 

Do you have fur babies that will be sharing your lounge with you? Will it be the gathering space for a big family or a simple seat for the pair of you? Once you’ve narrowed down which pocket your living room fits into, you can move onto the next step. 

Find your fabric 

Investing in quality upholstery will ensure wear and tear is minimised and is particularly important in highly-trafficked spaces, in which living rooms often are. Hello, grandkids. 

If your lounge is intended for a simple audience then opt for a more luxurious fabric, like Tibetan wool or Belgian linen. Positioned with pride of place in the heart of your home, a lounge dressed in high-quality fabrics will make you quietly proud every time you walk through the door. Not to mention a head-turner when guests pop over!

If you answered yes to the family or fur baby scenario though, you’d be better off sticking to a hardy, low-maintenance material such as distressed leather. A smart decision to keep the scuffs and stains to a minimal. Leather also lends itself to feelings of warmth and quality, so this is no less indulgent, just a little more resilient. 

Soft or structured 

Making a house a home is super important. You want to feel like it’s your own personal haven of calm and relaxation. In the same thread, relaxation itself can be quite subjective. Similar to your preference for a firm or plush mattress, sofas are the same. Which brings us to the final step in selecting your investment piece.     

Feather-filled back cushions add that extra layer of comfort and luxury, though they tend to need regular plumping. On the other hand, foam or fibre stuffed cushions create structure, though can flatten or bow in time if not cared for correctly. Who knew furniture could be so needy! Our smarty-pants sofa solution: a combination of feather-filled back cushions with a foam and fibre base will provide you the structure you need, with all the cosiness of a plush lounge. 

At the end of the day, your living room is a gathering space where memories are made with friends and family so go on, indulge in a little luxury. It’s sure to bring you happiness for years to come.