A community surrounded by new friends

As Diane opens her white plantation shutters every morning, letting the sunlight shine into her home, she feels a sense of contentment looking out to the hilltops of the nearby parklands to her home. After breakfast, she puts on a jumper and heads out to the backyard to find her dog Charlie, ready for his daily walk.


“I love my garden, it’s one of my favourite spots at home,” says Diane. 

“It’s filled with lovely trees and shrubs that are native to this area, and has plenty of room for Charlie to run around.”

She’s been living in her new home for two months now and feels like everything is starting to fall into place. At 67 years old, she couldn’t be happier with her decision to downsize. 

“The family home was simply too big; it felt empty and there was no sense of community in my neighbourhood,” says Diane. 

“I want to know who my neighbours are, make new friends and go travelling together.”

Finding a pet-friendly village was a priority when Diane began the search for a new home. The fact that Viewbank Gardens was already familiar to her was a major plus. 

“I’ve lived in this area before; it’s incredibly beautiful,” says Diane. “When I take Charlie for a walk I am surrounded by nature, but when I jump in the car I can be on the Eastern Freeway heading into the city or to Northland in a flash.”

“I am so glad I made the move when I did so I can enjoy all the social aspects the village has to offer. So much so that now my kids are saying I struggle to find time for them!” Diane chuckles.